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It All Begins with Genesis Review

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It All Begins with Genesis

Publisher: Answers in Genesis

Authors: Sheila Richardson

Price: $35 teacher's ed., in binder, CD-ROM; $9 student's ed./consumable workbook

Available at:
Answers in Genesis Ministries
P.O. Box 6330, Florence, KY 41022
Phone: 959.727.2222

Burdened about the need for quality creationist materials for young people, Virginia grandmother and Precept Ministries author and trainer Sheila Richardson put her teaching and writing skills to good use producing It All Beings with Genesis. She piloted the program to sixth-graders in her church for two years before inviting in other "pilot" teachers. Answers in Genesis Ministries published the work in 2002 as a curriculum great not only for Sunday Schools but homeschools and Christian schools. Though best suited for children in grades 6-8, mature fifth graders, and even high schoolers and adults can benefit from the 34, approximately 45-minute lessons.

This curriculum is incredibly well-constructed, and quite extensive in its teachings. Not only does Mrs. Richardson hit the Bible high points, but she meets the junior high-ers where they live, dealing with temptation and lust, and working to erase any Biblical doubts with thoroughly logical reasoning and straight-forward facts. Strictly and conservatively Biblical worldview in thinking, I'd venture that It All Begins with Genesis will help burst open the buds of discernment in your child. The 268-page student consumable book is very affordable, only $9. You'll want to place it into a narrow binder. It utilizes limited writing, short answers, drawing, and learning to observe in extracting just-taught information from the student. Your child will learn to defend Bible beliefs about the world around him, and begin to grow the moral courage it takes to stand up for those beliefs. This is what we need in such a time as this!

Can you teach Biblical creationism with a chocolate chip cookie? A cake? Playdough? Clothespins? Loaves of bread? Don't worry: the 222-page teacher's manual, housed in a sturdy and colorful three-ring binder, shows you just what you need to do to teach this very important subject. The 34 lessons include Scripture, memory verses, goals, preparation, class work, activities, and suggestions for augmenting your studies especially for homeschool or Christian private school. The CD-ROM is filled with helpful resources and templates, and the resources of Answers in Genesis Ministries are at your fingertips at www.AnswersInGenesis.com. The curriculum includes reviews for testing as you delve into each chapter, hand-in-hand with the Bible, to study Noah's flood, races, Tower of Babel, God's special creation, the seven days of Creation, sedimentary layers in the earth, and more. You can choose the curriculum to suit your King James Version of the Bible or the New International Version/New American Standard version. There is no price difference in version: $35 for the teacher edition; $9 for the student. The curriculum is adaptable to PowerPoint, overhead transparencies, and printouts. It All Begins with Genesis is foundational, and an excellent resource for training biblically sensitive children who can retake for the Lord Jesus ground that has been lost to evolutionists.

Review by: Deborah Deggs Cariker
A Houston-area veteran journalist, Deborah Deggs Cariker is a ninth-year homeschooling mother of two, and Assistant Editor of the EHO Product Reviews Department. Cariker and fireman husband, Bill, make their home near Montgomery, Texas.